About Me

I decided to start this blog for two main reasons. Firstly, I know how much I’ve been comforted and encouraged whenever I’ve read about someone else’s anxiety and so if this blog can help even one person in the same way, then it will have been worth it. Secondly, I was sharing articles about #TimeToTalk and other campaigns and have always advocated mental health as an issue that needs talking about – and yet I wasn’t talking. I care hugely about mental health, and have so much to say about it – so why wasn’t I joining the many brave people out there who are sharing their own experiences for the benefit of others?

This blog is not the first or last of its kind, and rightly so. It’s written for the sole purpose of sharing personal experiences of debilitating anxiety and some effective everyday solutions I have found to be hugely helpful. If anyone reading this also suffers from anxiety: please know you’re not alone.